Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf in Kenya is in the picturesque area of Ringa about 250 km west of Nairobi. There are approximately 80 students attending this residential school. Many students start school late because of distance or because their families cannot afford to pay for schooling. Some are orphans and need total support. This school plays an active part in deafness awareness in the local community. The School Council includes parents and education department officials. They also have a small farm where fresh fruit and vegetables are grown, and the older students can learn farming. There are hundreds of chickens for fresh eggs, a cow for milk, goats, and donkeys to cart water. They grow many vegetables including corn, sweet potatoes, kale, onions, tomatoes and avocados. The eggs and chicken meat are the students’ main source of protein as meat is too expensive to purchase. The other agricultural initiatives are a means of helping the school to become self sustainable. Donations anywhere from $5 to $50 are of great assistance to continuing this venture.

A new brick dormitory has recently been erected and the children will be more comfortable now. Malaria is a problem in this area and mosquito nets are used when sleeping. An outside bath house has been commenced but assistance with funding is needed before it can be completed. Drinking water is collected in tanks and there is also a well for water. Extra water is collected from a river a few kilometers away by donkey cart.

In 2010 the first group of older students passed the difficult government exam that gives them the opportunity to study at High School. This exam is the same as hearing students sit with the only exception being an English exam conducted in sign language. In 2011 the school gained the 2nd best scholastic results nationally among the 38 schools for the deaf. This is a tribute to the principal and dedicated teachers at ICSD. This school also competes in Inter-School Sports and was 3rd best overall, with 4 deaf students representing the province at National level.

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