The Fishermen of Christ Learning Center at Ligao started nearly 20 years ago and provides kindergarten to college education for deaf children and young adults. About 80 deaf students attend this school. The school owns a jeepney, which is typical of the unique colourful buses that are used in the Philippines. It provides transport for students and school excursions. Students who live too far away from school to travel daily, stay in the dormitory and travel home at the weekend. The Mayon Volcano overlooks this school and has caused severe damage in the Bicol area over the years. Bad typhoons also occur in this part of the Philippines. Our main building was replaced and other buildings repaired after the volcano erupted and typhoons hit at the same time in 2006. Our building is now recognised as the Evacuation Center for the area.

This school has a farm that produces vegetables, various fruits and rice each year. The papaya plantation is growing well and has a good crop this year. Most of the produce is used for self sustainability. For any excess, such as with papaya and coconuts, they are sold and profits go back into sustaining this initiative. The rice mill and piggery employ deaf people and any profits help support the school financially. This farm also provides an opportunity for older students to gain Vocational Training in farming and animal husbandry. Students can also complete a Computer Course, Dressmaking and other Vocational Training at our College and some have completed further studies and become teachers of the deaf themselves. Past students from the school have started deaf communities in this area where deaf people support each other at difficult times throughout their lives.

As a means of helping our school for the deaf in the Philippines become more self supporting and less dependent on foreign giving and also as a means of providing employment for some of our deaf young people, DMI operates a piggery on the property owned in Ligao. From birth to sale, a period of about 3 to 4 months costs us some $AUD80. The pig is then sold for about $AUD120 making a profit of $40. This is multiplied about three times each year resulting in a profit of $120. Your $80 gift can result in some $600 to the school over a 5-year period.

Computers, costing $1,000.000, are used for some of the students’ lessons, research and school projects. Computers are a fantastic aid to deaf students because they do not have to rely on their hearing to use them.

Gifts towards any of these initiatives represents the life-changing work of the project that your donation supports.

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Student sponsorship is a monthly payment of $40. Your sponsorship goes towards any of the following: School fees, books and stationery, uniform, meals, medical expenses, hearing tests, transport.