In Uganda, Deaf Action pays the school fees for deaf students who are orphans of war, or have no direct family to support and care for them. They have shown willingness to study hard at school. There are children and young adults in primary and secondary schools, and some have excelled in their exams and are now studying at College and University. Deaf Ministries International, our partner organization, started the first secondary school for the deaf at Wakiso in Uganda.

After completing college education, past students have become leaders in small deaf communities in several areas of Uganda over the last fifteen years. These communities support deaf people and encourage deaf awareness and signing classes. We now have students who have been supported throughout their education and completed the first part of teacher training to become deaf teachers of the deaf. This is an excellent achievement.

Older students who are studying at college or university, or learning a Vocational trade, need interpreters and note takers to assist them; and this is expensive. Deaf students in Uganda sit the same government exams as hearing students and the deaf students at Wakiso Secondary School study very hard to pass their exams. One of our deaf students from Wakiso was featured in a newspaper because of his high score in 2011. They are very dedicated students who will be future leaders of the deaf in Uganda.

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