School Scholarships

Deaf Action is providing education and training for hundreds of deaf children in Kenya, Uganda, Myanmar, and the Philippines. The vast majority are from poor rural families and with out these facilities these beautiful children would be with out a future and hope. Would you like to sponsor one of these schools? Any amount monthly will go a long way in helping us meet these needs. Not only are you helping these children you are also helping other deaf people too as many of our teachers and school employees are deaf also.

Borongan Dormitory in the Philippines

borongan_dormitory.JPG Deaf Action supports a Dormitory for deaf students in Borongan on Eastern Samar Island. Borongan has a population of about 60,000 people and Samar Island is known for beautiful black and white sand beaches. The teenage students who stay in our dormitory come from remote areas where there are no schools for the deaf. Most have not had the opportunity to attend a suitable school and are thrilled to have deaf friends for the first time in their lives. Our leader is deaf himself and the students share the cooking and housework. They are very grateful to have the opportunity to attend the Pilot Elementary School for the Deaf in Borongan.

Bacolod Dormitory in the Philippines

bacolod_dormitory.jpg Bacolod is a highly urbanized city of half a million on Negros Island in the Philippines. Sugar cane plantations are the major agricultural crop in surrounding areas. The Bacolod Dormitory provides accommodation for about a dozen students who live too far away from a school for the deaf to travel daily. They are lovingly cared for by dedicated house parents who are deaf themselves and understand the needs of deaf students who live away from home. The students attend schools or colleges in Bacolod that cater for their individual learning needs. We also have an Organic Farm and Piggery near Bacolod where older students learn farming skills to help them gain employment.

Fishermen of Christ Learning Centers

Kids in Philippines In what is called the Bicol area of the Philippines Deaf Action/ DMI owns and runs two schools for the deaf which incorporate Kindergarten through to College level. Both schools are situated at the foot of the Mayon Volcano, an active volcano which from time to time covers the school in ash during periodic eruptions. The schools are also in a typhoon belt and have been severely damaged. The main administration building has recently been rebuilt following destruction by a typhoon.

The schools raise their own rice and vegetables as well as sporting a rice mill, pig business and rambutan and calamansi orchards. Known as Fishermen of Christ Learning Centers the schools cater for about 140 deaf children and young people. Most students are from surrounding barrios or villages and some from distant islands too.

Kenya Immanuel School for the Deaf

Kids in Kenya Kenya Immanuel School for the Deaf was resurrected out of the ashes of Kenya Christian School for the Deaf which closed at the end of 2007. Situated about 12 km from the old school in the little hamlet of Ringa , the school still employs the old staff plus some new ones to cater for the 50 plus children in the school. Children are of all ages but the curriculum is at primary school level. Most teachers are deaf themselves.

Kalay Immanuel School for the Deaf

Picture of kids Kalay Immanuel School for the Deaf is situated in the north west of Myanmar in the town of Kalay. The school is catering for children from Kindergarten level right through primary school. With the exception of a few children from the town proper, staff and children alike are mostly from the Chin Hills of NW Myanmar. Instruction is in Burmese language and Burmese sign. Staff are a mixture of hearing and deaf people.